NZZ am Sonntag Magazin

Style, travel and society in the hip magazine of «NZZ am Sonntag»

«NZZ am Sonntag Magazin» contributes a touch of curiosity and delight in everyday life to the rest of the week – in an opulent, emotional, dynamic and personal way. Paired with appealing advertising.

«NZZ am Sonntag Magazin» offers everything you appreciate about the NZZ – but it is visually more opulent, its content more emotional, more dynamic and more personal. The new weekly magazine of “«NZZ am Sonntag» provides readers of «NZZ am Sonntag» with carefully researched and well-written reports, interviews, portraits, columns and photo galleries from the fields of society, lifestyle, travel and culture on a weekly basis. It features background articles on social phenomena as well as first-hand reports and an analysis of consumer and fashion trends. The «NZZ am Sonntag» magazine contributes a touch of curiosity and delight in everyday life to the rest of the week.

«NZZ am Sonntag Magazin» is published every Sunday as an integrated supplement in «NZZ am Sonntag» and also as an e-paper. Advertisers reach a premium-segment target group with above-average education and purchasing power as well as a wide range of interests.

Media data


Total sold circulation (print)
88 917


Readership figures incl. E-Paper
351 000

Sources: MACH BASIC 2021-1 Print incl. E-Paper, WEMF circulation bulletin 2020

Publication frequency

Published every Sunday.

Advertisement deadline

On Tuesday, 12 days prior to publication

Print material deadlinea

On Friday, 9 days prior to publication


NZZ am Sonntag Magazin

NZZ am Sonntag Magazin

Standard formats

Format Placement Bleed margin +3 mm bleed Price
2/1 pages best possible 412 x 277 CHF 31 300
1/1 page best possible 206 x 277 CHF 15 600
1/2 page, landscape best possible 206 x 137 CHF 9 300
1/3 page, landscape best possible 206 x 91 CHF 7 800
1/3 page, portrait best possible 68 x 277 CHF 7 800
1/4 page, landscape best possible 206 x 68 CHF 6 200
1/4 page, portrait best possible 100 x 137 CHF 6 200
Full Cover 2-sided CHF 53 700

Special placements

Format Placement Bleed margin +3 mm bleed Price
1/1 page 2nd Inside front cover 206 x 277 18 600
1/1 page Back cover 206 x 277 19 800
1/1 page Premium placement 1st third of magazine 206 x 277 19 800
Panorama 2nd front cover and page 3 412 x 277 34 400

Pre-printed inserts

Loose supplements Circulation 119 000 ex
up to 25 g CHF 40 900
26 to 50 g CHF 45 400
51 to 100 g CHF 49 900
up to 25 g CHF 39 100
26 to 50 g CHF 40 500
Glued inserts Glued inserts (+1/1 page CHF 15 600) Card Booklet
up to 25 g CHF 17 900 CHF 21 300
26 to 50 g CHF 23 000
Sachet Sachet (+1/1 page CHF 15 600) CHF 35 000

Special topics

Topic Publication Advertising deadline
Destinations afar 07.02.2021 26.01.2021
Outdoor living 14.03.2021 02.03.2021
Hotel rating 18.04.2021 06.04.2021
Travel 19.09.2021 07.09.2021
Living 31.10.2021 19.10.2021
Winterspecial 21.11.2021 09.11.2021
Gifts 05.12.2021 23.11.2021
Double issue (No issue on 02.01.22) 26.12.2021 14.12.2021


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