NZZ Geschichte

The Magazine illuminates the past and sheds light on the present

The aim of «NZZ Geschichte» is to convey historical knowledge to a broad audience in a stimulating way. The magazine is an ideal vehicle for advertisers who focus on tradition and modernity.

History affects us all: it has shaped the world in which we now live. The Magazine «NZZ Geschichte» presents unexpected angles on historic trends. It concentrates on political turning-points and cultural continuities, on major social questions and industrial and technological change. Renowned historians write about the areas of their research or reveal details when interviewed; absorbing events are accompanied by analyses of their contexts. «NZZ Geschichte»is known for its outstanding quality, editorial care and timeless values. The monochrome covers of each edition are collectors’ pieces and the contents defy obsolescence.

The Magazine contains 116 pages and is published six times per year. As well as a main theme, each edition contains articles on other topics as well as regular sections which include a major interview, theme-based series, a picture essay and a portrait. «NZZ Geschichte» is available in print form for subscribers, in news-stands and in the NZZ Shop; it is also available in digital form as an e-paper.

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Total sold circulation (print)
13 364


NZZ Geschichte

NZZ Geschichte

Standard formats

Format Placement Bleed margin +3 mm bleed Price
2/1 pages best possible 350 x 240 CHF 12 000
1/1 pages best possible 175 x 240 CHF 6 000
1/2 page, landscape next-to-text 175 x 120 CHF 3 000
1/2 page, portrait next-to-text 83 x 240 CHF 3 000
1/3 page, landscape next-to-text 175 x 80 CHF 2 000
1/4 page, landscape next-to-text 175 x 60 CHF 1 500
1/4 page, portrait next-to-text 83 x 120 CHF 1 500

Special formats

Format Placement Bleed margin +3 mm bleed Price
1/1 page 2nd inside cover page 175 x 240 CHF 7 000
1/1 page 3rd inside cover page 175 x 240 CHF 6 000
1/1 page 4th Inside front cover 175 x 240 CHF 7 000

Pre-printed inserts

Loose supplements Circulation 18 000 ex
up to 50 g CHF 9 500

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Publication frequency

Published six times a year. The magazine is available as a print subscription, in the App Store, at newsstands and in selected museums.


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Special topics

Topic Publication Advertising deadline Print material deadline
50 years of women‘s voting rights 4.2.2021 5.1.2021
History of taxes 1.4.2021 2.3.2021
Military contractors in Switzerland 20.5.2021 20.4.2021
The history of nutrition 22.7.2021 22.6.2021 29.6.2021
The Celts of Mormont 30.9.2021 31.8.2021 7.9.2021
History of time and time measurement 2.12.2021 2.11.2021 9.11.2021


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