Le Temps

French-speaking Switzerland’s leading newspaper

«Le Temps» is the only french-language newspaper in Switzerland with a national reach. The editorial focus of this quality newspaper established in 1998 is on politics, business, finance, culture and lifestyle.

It is not without reason that «Le Temps» is considered to be the «NZZ» of French-speaking Switzerland: With its thoroughly researched and credible content, this Geneva-based newspaper, which also has a strong presence in the region, acts as an indispensable source of information for very many opinion-formers and decision-makers. The paper is also a force to be reckoned with in the Internet: Articles in letemps.ch are now read by over 7 million times on a considerable number of platforms.

In addition, «Le Temps Week-end» is published every Saturday. The first section of this Saturday publication deals with current events and also contains an «in-depth interview» with fascinating people. The second section «Entre-Temps» contains about 20 pages dedicated to topics surrounding society, psychology, philosophy, literature and gastronomy – examples of superb journalism aimed at a demanding and affluent readership.

«Le Temps» is an ideal medium for the targeted positioning and upgrading of brands in French-speaking Switzerland.

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Le Temps publication dates

Published every day from Monday to Friday.
Advertisement and print material deadline:
12 noon three working days before publication

Week-end publication dates

Published at the week-end. Advertising deadline: 10 a.m. on Friday one week before publication. Print material deadline: 12 noon Wednesday

Cut-off times Public holidays


Topics Special/publisher‘s supplement Publication Advertising deadline Print material deadline
Education Carrières Spécial Formation, Special page 27.1.2023
Alternative investments Lundi Finance, Special page 30.1.2023
Financial Year 2023 Publisher's supplement 2.2.2023
Further education & MBA Carrières Spécial Formation, Special page 24.2.2023
Real estate Lundi Finance, Special page 27.2.2023
Travel I Publisher's supplement 3.3.2023
KMU today I Publisher's supplement 10.3.2023
Wealth management Lundi Finance, Special page 27.3.2023
Education Carrières Spécial Formation, Special page 31.3.2023
2050 III Special bundle 14.4.2023 3.4.2023 6.4.2023
Pension Lundi Finance, Special page 24.4.2023 10.4.2023 17.4.2023
Education I Special supplement 28.4.2023 24.3.2023 31.3.2023
Wine & indulgence I Special supplement 5.5.2023 7.4.2023 14.4.2023
Medicine & health I Special supplement 19.5.2023 21.4.2023 28.4.2023
ETFs and passive management Lundi Finance 22.5.2023 8.5.2023 15.5.2023
Education Carrières Spécial Formation, Special page 26.5.2023 12.5.2023 19.5.2023
Travel II Publisher's supplement 2.6.2023 5.5.2023 8.5.2023
Investments & pensions I Special supplement 9.6.2023 5.5.2023 12.5.2023
2050 V Special bundle 23.6.2023 12.5.2023 19.5.2023
Sustainable investments Lundi Finance, Special page 26.6.2023 12.6.2023 19.6.2023
Education Carrières Spécial Formation, Special page 30.6.2023 16.6.2023 23.6.2023
Sustainability I Publisher's supplement 8.7.2023 17.6.2023 24.6.2023
Investment funds Lundi Finance, Special page 28.8.2023 14.8.2023 21.8.2023
KMU today II Publisher's supplement 8.9.2023 18.8.2023 25.8.2023
Travel III Publisher's supplement 22.9.2023 1.9.2023 4.9.2023
Pharma and life sciences Lundi Finance, Special page 25.9.2023 11.9.2023 18.9.2023
Education Carrières Spécial Formation, Special page 29.9.2023 15.9.2023 22.9.2023
Sustainability II Publisher's supplement 30.9.2023 8.9.2023 15.9.2023
Education II Special supplement 13.10.2023 1.9.2023 8.9.2023
Watches & jewellery Special supplement 20.10.2023 15.9.2023 22.9.2023
Wine & indulgence II Special supplement 27.10.2023 15.9.2023 22.9.2023
Luxury Lundi Finance, Special page 30.10.2023 16.10.2023 23.10.2023
Education Carrières Spécial Formation, Special page 24.11.2023 10.11.2023 17.11.2023
Fintech and innovation Lundi Finance, Special page 27.11.2023 13.11.2023 20.11.2023
Investments & pensions II Special supplement 1.12.2023 27.10.2023 3.11.2023
Travel IV Publisher's supplement 8.12.2023 10.11.2023 13.11.2023
2050 XI Special bundle 15.12.2023 10.11.2023 17.11.2023
Investment strategies Lundi Finance, Special page 18.12.2023 4.12.2023 11.12.2023


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