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Since 1780, «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» has been a watchword for well-founded, precise and detailed reporting on world and national events. NZZ is the right environment for intelligent advertising.

The particular strength of «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» lies in its coverage of current events. With its clever analyses, clear comments and exciting reports, it is held in particularly high regard by leaders in business and society. Highly qualified journalists in Zurich and correspondents in Switzerland and abroad provide diligence and expertise. The newspaper is one of the best-respected national and international voices of quality journalism.

NZZ is published daily from Monday to Saturday – as a printed newspaper available by print subscription or at news-stands, as an e-paper and, of course, online. It is also offered in the App Store. Also of interest to advertisers: The third section “Weekend”, which appears on Saturdays, focuses on a specific topic as well as on society, literature, art, travel, research and technology or mobility. There are also regular supplements.

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Publication frequency

Published on a daily basis from Monday to Saturday
Advertisement and print material deadline: 2 p.m., two working days prior to publication.

«NZZ Wochenende», on Saturday

Focus on a main topic, society, cuisine, research & technology, health, digital/automotive, outdoors, travel, column

Cut-off times Public holidays


Topics Special/publisher‘s supplement Publication Advertising deadline Print material deadline
Financial Year 2023 Publisher's supplement 27.1.2023 13.1.2023 20.1.2023
KMU today I Publisher's supplement 3.3.2023 17.2.2023 24.2.2023
Paying less tax Publisher's supplement 10.3.2023 24.2.2023 3.3.2023
the market I Publisher's supplement 17.3.2023 3.3.2023 10.3.2023
Watches & jewellery I Special supplement 14.4.2023 31.3.2023 7.4.2023
Powerfuel Week Publisher's supplement 29.4.2023 15.4.2023 22.4.2023
Education I Special supplement 7.6.2023 24.5.2023 24.6.2023
Art Basel Special supplement 12.6.2023 29.5.2023 5.6.2023
the market II Publisher's supplement 16.6.2023 2.6.2023 9.6.2023
Sustainable investment I Publisher's supplement 23.6.2023 9.6.2023 16.6.2023
Sustainability I (Sustainable Switzerland) Publisher's supplement 1.7.2023 17.6.2023 24.6.2023
Lucerne Festival Special supplement 8.7.2023 23.6.2023 30.6.2023
Locarno Film Festival Publisher's supplement 14.7.2023 30.6.2023 7.7.2023
KMU today II Publisher's supplement 1.9.2023 18.8.2023 25.8.2023
Asset Management Publisher's supplement 8.9.2023 25.8.2023 1.9.2023
Zurich Film Festival Publisher's supplement 16.9.2023 2.9.2023 9.9.2023
the market III Publisher's supplement 22.9.2023 8.9.2023 15.9.2023
Sustainability II (Sustainable Switzerland) Publisher's supplement 23.9.2023 9.9.2023 16.9.2023
Watches & jewellery II Special supplement 29.9.2023 15.9.2023 22.9.2023
Christmas in Zurich Publisher's supplement 18.11.2023 4.11.2023 11.11.2023
Education II Special supplement 22.11.2023 8.11.2023 15.11.2023
the market IV Publisher's supplement 24.11.2023 10.11.2023 17.11.2023
Sustainable investment II Publisher's supplement 1.12.2023 17.11.2023 24.11.2023


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