Back to the future – a slightly different look (back)

We can once again look back on an eventful year, but with many highlights that we were able to realise and experience together with you. Let us begin by saying thank you very much for that!

A key element this year was the expansion of NZZone’s activities in all national languages. With the marketing mandates for «Le Temps» and «T» as well as the titles of «Corriere del Ticino», we have been able to offer you national coverage in the premium segment par excellence for almost a year now.

The continuous development and optimisation of our services is also high on our 2024 agenda. For example, we will be extending our «Residence», the magazine for housing and property, into French-speaking Switzerland. Our main focus is on content formats – more on this in the new year.

Real fireworks were set off in the summer months in 2023. Quite literally at the Rammstein concert in Bern in June, at our customer event in July at the Festival da Jazz in St. Moritz and especially on the last day in August: the first joint summer party with our colleagues from audienzz. An unforgettable evening with over 500 guests, in the best of moods and an extremely spirited atmosphere. Excitement aplenty!

The second Sustainable Switzerland Forum in Bern was another highlight in the year that is now drawing to a close. In order to become significantly more sustainable as NZZone, our office at Falkenstrasse 12 was extensively renovated and equipped with new windows and a heating/cooling system that uses lake water.

And so, here in the most beautiful office in Zurich, we look back on the best collaboration: the one with you. We would like to sincerely thank you once again and assure you that we will do everything in our power to offer you as many highlights as possible in the coming year. Be it in daily business, with new, attractive offers and products, or outside office hours at more great events: we look forward to 2024 with you.

Best regards on behalf of the entire NZZone team

Adrian Näf
Business Director NZZone