«Meet the Team»: Nathalie Sačer-Ruklić

Nathalie Sačer-Ruklić has been working in the NZZone sales team since June 2021. At that time her e-mail address was nathalie.ruklic@nzz.ch but now it is nathalie.sacer@nzzone.ch. Not only has the domain changed in the meantime, but Nathalie has also tied the knot. What has remained the same is that Nati has been with us for more than two and a half years as Key Account Manager for the Travel & Lifestyle sectors and, as Product Manager, she also has commercial responsibility for the «Z» and «NZZ Folio» magazines. And if you don’t know her yet or would like to get to know her better, now’s your chance!


What does a working day look like for you?

It begins with tea and muesli so that I start the day full of energy. Breakfast is followed by answering emails, making phone calls, organising meetings, meeting our customers and finally creating the right offers for our clients. In between all this I study industry newsletters and, of course, I don’t neglect exchanging ideas with the team.

What keeps you going?

My family, especially my husband and my little niece, who I am so proud of, as well as my friends.

What is your favourite NZZ product?

Nowadays it’s the «NZZ Folio», for the following reasons: the magazine offers sophisticated reading with absorbing topics, shedding light on them from different viewpoints. It’s always accessible and entertaining. I gain most benefit from what I learn from the «NZZ Folio». As it is published on average every two months, I have enough time to devote to it. What’s more, the topics never become stale; you can bring them up again months, if not years later. And one thing is certain: this magazine is sure to give you plenty to talk about.

What advice would you give your twenty-year-old self for the future?

Don’t take everything so seriously, look forward to challenges and don’t be afraid of setbacks – just do it!

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