Spring party with audienzz

What belongs together should be together: audienzz and NZZone throw a joint party to celebrate spring and their collaboration.

Good things take time: originally planned as an autumn party and then postponed due to Covid-19, the spring party took place with our colleagues from audienzz under sunny skies on 12 May. And when premium digital advertising celebrates with premium brand advertising, the result is a PREMIUM party! True to the motto “the journey is the reward”, we took the scenic route and enjoyed an exceptional trip on the Party Bus. After driving for just under two hours, we arrived at the Red Grizzly Salon in Bülach. The authentic Wild West-style BBQ that they put on for us there rounded off the evening perfectly. Here are a few impressions.

Never fear: after celebrating and cementing our in-house collaboration, our focus is once more on you, our esteemed business partners!

Adrian Näf
Business Director NZZone