Successful premiere of Sponsored Content Street with Ticino Turismo

For advertising customers who have more to say in terms of content than can be accommodated on one newspaper page or two magazine pages, NZZone has developed a new product that is exclusively produced by NZZ Content Creation – including refinancing options.

The idea of Sponsored Content Street is simple: Why not think about subject matter to be spread over two, four, six or … pages. As a rule (and as a minimum), sponsored content in the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” or the «NZZ am Sonntag» occupies one page. The same applies to publications such as «Z» or the «NZZ am Sonntag Magazin».

What we have to offer

Advertising customers can now think bigger without having to pay for it all themselves. But one step at a time.

More space for print material: A Sponsored Content Street extends over a minimum of two pages. In the particular case of the premiere with Ticino Turismo, it was a double-page spread in the weekend section of the Saturday edition of the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» on 20 April 2024 and two consecutive double pages in the «NZZ am Sonntag Magazin» on 2 June 2024.

Digital extension in addition: The same content can be integrated into both and NZZ Bellevue – depending on the target group you want to reach. It was in this form that the second version for Ticino Turismo went live on 3 June 2024 on the NZZ Lifestyle portal where it is not hiding behind a paywall and is freely available for you to read.

What’s in it for you, the advertiser? Story placement via teaser on Home and in the appropriate section; promotion in the NZZ Newsletter bundle to around 702 000 recipients; promotion via native ads on NZZ Bellevue; promotion in the meta-universe via paid post on Facebook and Instagram; guaranteed engagements on the URL – at least 4 000 promised, over 8 830 achieved.

Refinancing opportunity: Our customers are free to sell space to third-party partners using content or advertising formats. While the main article is created by NZZ Content Creation using their customary journalistic skills, tips and information can be subtly integrated as articles or adverts without appearing out of place.

What the first customer says

Why did you choose NZZone?

As a holiday and excursion destination, we focus on specific target groups that match those of the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» and the «NZZ am Sonntag Magazin»: so-called high performers; active but also discerning best agers, whether male or female, with intelligence and purchasing power. Geographically, the greater Zurich area is also of major importance as a catchment area. We also see a unique brand fit between the NZZ and Ticino Turismo, from which both sides benefit.

«What I particularly appreciate about the cooperation is the high quality of the products created – both in terms of content and appearance. And also the extensive degree of flexibility and creativity in the development of possible solutions.»

Manuela Nicoletti
Director of Marketing & Country Manager Switzerland bei Ticino Turismo

What particularly appeals to you about the cooperation?

The high quality of the products created – both in terms of content and appearance. And also the extensive degree of flexibility and creativity in the development of possible solutions. Our long-standing collaboration does not prevent us from developing the cooperation further, exploring other avenues and also testing new formats.

What did you achieve with the campaign?

Due to the media shift from print to online, measurability is always a challenge. The integration of QR codes is currently still producing obvious results. In any event, following publication in the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung», we have noticed that ticket sales for an event integrated into the print version have moved upwards. Generally speaking, our existing cooperation with NZZone is aimed at raising awareness of the ongoing Colori di Ticino campaign and stimulating ideas about holidays in Ticino. We are also keen to offer platforms for local partners in a wider Ticino environment. The NZZ Universe is very popular in this context because, as a long-standing partner, we benefit from preferential conditions and can pass these on.

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