4 years of NZZone 🎈

A lot has happened since NZZone was launched in 2020. Highs and lows, challenges, disappointments and triumphs: we’ve experienced it all. It has been a journey full of learning, growth and meaningful moments that we are happy to share with you today.

In this review, we want to look back not only at milestones and successes, but also at the people who have made this journey possible – our dedicated employees from various departments. They are at the heart of NZZone and have helped us get to where we are today through their dedication and passion.

Thomas Herde, Senior Operations Manager:

«The introduction of Adconsole was a milestone as well as a major challenge that we were able to overcome by joining forces. We had to let go of systems we had grown fond of and find our feet in new IT landscapes. From my point of view, the introduction of Adconsole was a big step forward. It promoted an understanding between Sales and Operations, and the mutual support proved fruitful. In addition to many smaller and larger successes in the advertising market, the special supplement «Roger Federer’s retirement» deserves particular mention. It had to be realised at lightning speed and was handled brilliantly by many parties… a terrific success that left the competition in awe. It is a great honour to be working within the NZZone family for the NZZ products.»

Anne-Sandrine Backes, Head of Business Unit Romandie:

«The last four years have been characterised by tremendous growth in the luxury sector. Far from emerging from the Covid crisis weakened, the players in the luxury sector have experienced an unprecedented upswing. NZZone’s offering provides unique access to premium audiences with classic formats, but also with remarkable showcases such as gate folders, fake covers and customised promotions that allow luxury brands to unleash their fantastic creativity! The combination of «Le Temps», «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» and «Corriere del Ticino» is the strongest and most efficient on the market today.»

Anouk Oetiker, Marketing Manager:

«Our summer party with audienzz last year was a special moment for me and I realised we were on the right track with NZZone. Many of our customers told us they thought it was great that all the customer advisors, both from the print and online areas, took part in the event and were available as contacts for customers. I consider the joint appearance and cooperation with audienzz to be very important and crucial, as it allows us to make use of synergies. For our customers, this means that we can cover their needs holistically and thus offer them the best possible service.»

Andrew Schuster, International Sales Manager:

«The last four years of NZZone have been characterised by many exciting changes that have enabled us to expand our offering for our customers. With the addition of «Le Temps» and «Corriere del Ticino», we are now in a position to cover the whole of Switzerland for our customers. Especially in international sales, our excellent network of representatives has helped us to win new business in various markets around the world.»

Donika Dakaj, Project Manager Partner Relations:

«A lot has changed for me in the last year since I took over partner support. I realised from the start that it was a role that I would have to grow into. Taking on this responsibility has not only shown me how important it is to be flexible and take on new tasks, but also how much personal growth is possible through challenges. Sustainable Switzerland and NZZone have taught me a lot over the years and I am grateful to be a part of it!»

Christina Hubbeling, Journalist & Editor:

«My work as a copywriter at Content Creation includes, among other things, the conceptualisation and production of the specialist supplement «Travel». This allows me to go on a research trip every now and then and discover the world and sometimes see it with different eyes afterwards. Last year, for example, I was able to visit a shipyard in Helsinki, travel to the Arctic on a small cruise ship, go on an unforgettable safari and get to know many pioneering hotel concepts at home and abroad. But our daily business in the office also involves interesting «journeys in our heads», as we write texts for very different clients – from A for Audemars Piguet to Z for Zermatt Unplugged – and are always able to immerse ourselves in new worlds.»

We are excited about the future and are looking forward to many more years of collaboration, exciting projects and outstanding campaigns.