«Meet the Team»: Nicole Watrinet

Nicole Watrinet joined the now eight-strong team of Sustainable Switzerland in October 2023. As a UX/UI designer as well as a graphic designer, Nicole is responsible for the creation of digital user interfaces. She holds an HF degree in communication design majoring in interaction design, and has over ten years’ experience in the media industry. Nicole works part-time and is also a freelancer when not with us. You can read below what else makes Nicole so special.


Besides your current job, what do you do so well that people would pay you for it?

Travel planner. Package holidays are definitely not my thing. I like to get to know the parts of hidden away from the tourist hordes and I also like to familiarise myself with the country before I travel so that I can create my own individual trip. I do a lot of research and always find secret spots that will turn my trip into a special adventure.

Tell us something interesting about yourself

I’ve already reached 5 416 metres above sea level when I climbed a pass in the Himalayas. To reach the pass, I spent many hours on foot after starting from 900 metres above sea level, hiking with a rucksack through different climatic and vegetation zones.

What do you like doing most of all?

Cooking. Cooking allows me to switch off and be creative at the same time. I rarely follow the recipe exactly. And finally, eating the home-cooked dish is of course the highlight – especially if I can also spoil guests with it.

What keeps you going?

Spending time with my boyfriend or surrounded by nature.

What was the first profession you wanted to take up as a child?

Veterinarian. However, I came to the conclusion that I would rather cuddle or play with animals or simply have them as a companion than give them injections.

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