«Meet the Team»: Predi Vukovic-Häfliger

Welcome Predi Vukovic-Häfliger, a sales professional who joined the NZZone team on 1 September 2022. As a Key Account Manager he provides customer care and advice for clients in the fields of education, medicine, energy, politics, trade associations, construction and services. Predi is also a product manager responsible for marketing «NZZ Folio», «NZZ Geschichte» and «NZZ Jobs».


What are the new challenges that you are looking forward to meeting in your job?

I can’t wait to discover how the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain and crypto currencies, as part of overall digitalisation, will impact on our work – and how they will support us in our jobs or sometimes even replace us. But I am quite certain that we will continue to cultivate personal relationships because so much of our job is based on trust. However, new technologies could in future «bring more to the table» and also be of benefit to customers.

Besides your current job, what do you do so well that people would pay you for it?

I have been in sales for 28 years and during that time I have been able to make valuable contacts and establish friendships in more than five different sectors. I have invested a lot of time in building up my personal network. I do this very well and can help a whole lot of people. That’s worth money! But a smiling face after every successful recommendation is what gives me a lift.

What do you like doing most of all?

I am a people person and therefore I like standing in front of an audience and speaking. But my great passion is and remains football.

What advice would you give your twenty-year-old self for the future?

Take decisions, make things happen, be proactive, work hard. But also always be yourself, start a family and find peace of mind so that you live a well-balanced life. Revere and respect family, friends, people, nature and animals.

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