«Meet the Team»: Tina Baumberger

Welcome to the NZZone Crew 💚 Tina Baumberger has been Marketing & Communications Manager at Sustainable Switzerland, the national sustainability initiative of the NZZ Group with leading partners from business and science, since the beginning of the year. She worked for Samsung Switzerland’s Marcom for over five years before joining NZZone. Tina holds a CAS in Corporate Responsibility from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and a Bachelor of Science from the Hochschule für Wirtschaft in Zurich. But the best thing is to hear what Tina herself has to say about what interests and motivates her.

What are the new challenges that you are looking forward to in your job?

To discover the best way that we at Sustainable Switzerland can reach both the world of business and the population in general regarding sustainability. This is a challenge in view of the complex, sometimes politically charged and sometimes uncomfortable subject matter – which makes the job all the more exciting.

What does a working day look like for you?

So far, I would describe it as very varied and «never the same». There’s always a meeting or two coming up, and looking after our campaigns keeps me busy every day: be it in the development of new ideas with our agency, media planning or monitoring/reporting. I develop marketing concepts and measures for new services, implement the services myself and work closely with our team, our advertising agency and our (media) partners. There are also many special projects, particularly from new collaborative agreements or in conjunction with NZZ Connect. I prefer to do all this in the office at Falkenstrasse 12 because I like our offices and I like having cool people around me.

What is your favourite NZZ product?

As an enthusiastic listener to audio media, the podcast «NZZ Akzent». Shortly after its launch it managed to take a firm place in my daily listening routine sandwiched between music and true crime. The compact length of the episodes, the choice of topics, the pleasant voices of the podcast hosts and of course the quality of the content still impress me today, so that almost no episode goes unheard. But I also love the «NZZ am Sonntag» for the weekend, the «NZZ Bellevue» portal for inspiration. The «Planet A» and «Briefing» newsletters have a firm place in my media usage, too.

What was the first profession you wanted to take up as a child?

Being a doctor or a lawyer was high on my list for a long time, until I realised how many more years of study it would take to qualify for these jobs. That’s why I finally decided to do a commercial apprenticeship: «it opens so many doors for you», I was always told – and I still don’t regret it today.

Besides your current job, what do you do so well that people would pay you for it?

Dancing at many weddings, literally and figuratively …

What keeps you going?

The mountains, the water, music, family and friends. And good coffee ☺️

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