of «NZZ am Sonntag» readers pay particular attention to low energy consumption when buying electronic household appliances.


Fair trade is close to the hearts of «NZZ am Sonntag» readers. 79% buy food that guarantees fair trade wherever possible. 


The readers of «Le Temps» are also very interested in environmental protection. 79% of people state that this topic is important to them.


participants took part in the Sustainable Switzerland Forum 2023 in Bern, Switzerland’s leading sustainability conference. 

Source: MACH Consumer 2023 / MACH BASIC 2023-2
Affinity = index for target group proximity. An index of 120 means that the proportion of the target group in the medium in question is 20% higher than in the population as a whole.


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Sustainable Switzerland Special

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Would you like to position yourself in a robust sustainability environment? The supplement accompanying the NZZ’s sustainability initiative Sustainable Switzerland provides practical examples, current trends and tips on all aspects of sustainability.

Special pages – 2050

NZZ am Sonntag

Our resources are limited and managing them is a major challenge. The «2050» special pages in the knowledge section are dedicated entirely to the topic of sustainability. Does this also correspond to your environment?

Special interest newsletter


Newsletters that focus on a specific topic are highly valued by recipients. Does the topic «Planet A» also arouse your interest?

Key topic

NZZ Format

The TV documentary brings the latest journalistically relevant topics to the screen. The topic of «sustainability» has also been the subject of programmes.

The sustainability initiative

Sustainable Switzerland

This leading initiative promotes a sustainable future for Switzerland and our planet – solution-orientated, liberal and with well-known companies. Do you, too, want to make a contribution and position yourself in this active ecosystem?

Partnership Forum

Sustainable Switzerland

The Sustainable Switzerland Forum has established itself as Switzerland’s leading sustainability conference. Participants from business, politics and science come together here in a unique atmosphere. Don’t miss out!

Partnership Academy

Sustainable Switzerland

The Academy is the training platform for sustainability within the company. The offering ranges from online masterclasses and webinars to university-level courses. Interesting for your target group? Find out more about the Partnership!

Future atelier

NZZ Live

Young thought leaders with visions for the future are the focus of this event. What vision would you like to convey to an interested audience at a customised event? 


NZZ Live

In this format, NZZ editors discuss socially relevant topics with guests of all opinions and origins. Just the thing for you if you want to give a topic an exclusive platform!

60 minutes

NZZ Live

The focus is on important topics and trends that concern the Swiss population in everyday life. A transfer of knowledge by experts takes centre stage.

Sustainable Switzerland

Have you firmly included sustainability in your corporate goals or are you on the way to achieving it? Get an overview of the NZZ Group’s sustainability initiative and find out how you can become part of it.

The initiative

Sustainable Switzerland is the sustainability initiative of the NZZ Group – an initiative with effective partners in the worlds of business and science – plus everyone who wants to make a difference. Together we are accelerating the sustainable development of Switzerland. Are you in?

Your contribution

  • Content partnership: sustainableswitzerland.ch is the centrepiece of the initiative and provides content on all aspects of sustainability prepared by professional journalists. Do you have best practices in the area of sustainability? Use our content expertise and reach.
  • Sustainable Switzerland Forum: Switzerland’s leading dialogue and experience conference for sustainability stakeholders from business, science and politics. Attend the forum or become a forum partner with your service. Read more
  • Entrepreneurs Club: The open network for companies that want to commit to a sustainable Switzerland. Membership offers an attractive annual programme for exchanging knowledge and experience with like-minded people. Read more
  • Academy: Sustainable management requires expertise. This is where our Academy comes in with low-threshold e-learning courses through to university-level educational partner programmes. Further your education or place your training programme with us. Read more

Facts & figures

4 Mio.

people are reached by the
overall initiative in Switzerland


member companies in the Sustainable Entrepreneurs Club


participants at the Sustainable Switzerland Forum 2023



«Responsible action characterises the future viability of our Swiss economy and requires us to work together to reconcile economic interests with social and environmental aspects. The Sustainable Switzerland Entrepreneurs Club has already opened doors for us to attend exciting events that have resulted in valuable partnerships and exchanges of experience.»

Adriano Beti
CEO, Livesystems


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International Sales Manager
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