Sustainable Switzerland: A ground-breaking initiative in the field of sustainability and how you can become part of it

Last year NZZ launched «Sustainable Switzerland», the national sustainability initiative. The goal of the dialogue platform is to promote sustainable development here in Switzerland by networking the relevant actors and raising awareness levels of the relevant subject matter and achievable solutions. Leading companies and organisations have already joined.

Working with distinguished partners

Sustainable Switzerland takes the form of an ecosystem of strong and effective partners. Leading Swiss companies such as BCG, BMW, BKW, SAP, UBS, Mobiliar und Swisscom have signed up to the initiative as have the trade association economiesuisse and the two leading technical universities, ETH Zurich and EPFL. As well as best practice examples from their own fields, the partners contribute their expertise and reach, thus also leaving their considerable mark on the initiative. In this process they benefit from a unique platform enabling them to display their proficiency on the subject of our time to their target groups 365 days per year.

Wide-ranging stimulation of interest and activity spread over a range of modules

Sustainable Switzerland acts as a catalyst for the subject of sustainability across a variety of modules – from digital to print and extending on to live experience. The portal forms a fundamental part of the initiative. This is where understanding of the challenges of our time is created and concrete approaches for finding a solution are presented, all in a form that meets NZZ quality standards. The platform is accompanied by a publisher’s supplement that appears twice each year in the NZZ and is also published in French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino thanks to our partnerships with media houses in those regions. The climax of each year is the two-day Sustainable Switzerland Forum. This sustainability conference attracted over 700 decision-makers from Swiss commerce and industry even in its first year. A campaign covering all of Switzerland completes the initiative, generating awareness for the initiative, its partners and their multi-faceted products and services throughout the year.

Your personal opportunity to participate

In addition to the official partnerships which enable you to raise your profile through the entire year in all the media channels, you also have further opportunities to be part of Sustainable Switzerland:

  • Demonstrate your sustainability expertise in a range of content or promotional formats with Sustainable Switzerland in its on-line and off-line forms, and benefit from the coverage of NZZ and its partners.
  • Be there in person when decision-makers gather, exchange ideas and are inspired by interesting speakers at the Sustainable Switzerland Forum on 12/13 September 2023. (Tickets are available here from April onwards).
  • Arrange for you and your company to become members of the Sustainable Switzerland Entrepreneurs Club, the open network for forward-looking SMEs, NGOs and start-ups, and benefit from a broad range of valuable content, contacts and activities throughout the year. Membership already numbers 70 drawn from all sectors of the economy.

Do you want to know more about the advertising opportunities? Andrew Schuster, International Sales Manager, will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Andrew Schuster
International Sales Manager

+41 44 258 12 63