«Meet the Team»: Patrizia Jud

Welcome Patrizia Jud 🍾, who joined the NZZone team on 18 October 2021. As Operations Manager, Patrizia carries out traditional back-office work, and is in charge of accepting obituaries in particular. We asked her three questions to give you a better insight into her compassionate nature.


How did you get into the media industry?

Towards the end of summer 2021, I noticed that NZZone had placed an advertisement seeking an Operations Manager with a focus on obituaries. I had just lost a close relative and experienced first-hand just how insensitively people in such difficult situations are sometimes treated, so this job immediately piqued my interest. Moreover, as a long-standing reader of the NZZ, I was keen to explore the media world in greater depth. Since then, I have been the first point of contact for obituary clients every morning. The deadline is always 1:00 p.m. Afterwards or concurrently, I support my colleagues in the Operations team by accepting a variety of other advertisements – while learning a great deal in the process every day.

Which NZZ Media Group product do you like best?

I’ve been a loyal reader of the «NZZ am Sonntag» for years because I like its well-researched, open and liberal reporting. The small books of «NZZ Geschichte» adorn my bookshelves and – last, but not least – I’ve discovered the treasure trove that is the «NZZ Akzent» podcast. It always provides exciting background information on current events.

What is your personal motto? 

«It’s not right, it’s not wrong, it’s just different.» Keep an open mind – be tolerant, respectful, and decent, then everything will be fine.

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