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The renowned artist Neo Rauch designs the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung»

On Saturday, 17 June 2023, the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» will once again be transformed into a unique work of art. The art edition is a real highlight for art lovers and collectors.

Neo Rauch, one of the most outstanding contemporary artists of our time, is known for his captivating and unique paintings that create a surreal world of their own. With the design of the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung», Neo Rauch opens up a unique opportunity to make his art accessible to a wide public. Use this unique opportunity to present your message to a discerning audience interested in the world of art.


Neo Rauch is a German painter known for his unique blend of realism and surrealism. His works are characterised by a strong narrative quality and often present complex, dream-like scenes. Rauch’s paintings are imbued with rich symbolism and convey a sense of mystery and uncertainty. His style of painting is defined by strong colours, precise lines and a distinctive visual composition. As one of Germany’s leading contemporary artists, Neo Rauch has gained international recognition and has had numerous exhibitions in eminent galleries and museums worldwide.

Pricing Print

Publication day: Saturday, 17 June 2023

Advertisement deadline: Friday, 9 June 2023

Print material deadline: Wednesday, 14 June 2023 until 2:00 pm

Swiss edition
Price b&w/colour

Full edition
Price b&w/colour

Type area

2x1 Seite

2/1 pages

Fr. 39 100.–

Fr. 54 200.–

612 × 440 mm

Gruppe 214

1/1 page
(1st ad page after fake cover)

Fr. 29 250.–

Fr. 40 650.–

291 × 440 mm

Gruppe 214

1/1 page

Fr. 19 500.–

Fr. 27 100.–

291 × 440 mm

Gruppe 199

1/2 page landscape
1/2 page landscape, next to text

Fr. 11 700.–

Fr. 16 200.–

Fr. 17 000.–

291 × 218 mm

291 × 218 mm

Gruppe 197

1/3 page landscape, next to text

Fr. 12 100.–

291 × 144 mm


1/4 page landscape
1/4 page landscape, next to text

Fr. 6 100.–

Fr. 8 400.–
Fr. 10 200.–

291 × 108 mm
291 × 108 mm

Gruppe 211

1/4 page portrait

Fr. 6 100.–

Fr. 8 400.–

143 × 218 mm

Gruppe 206

Junior page

Fr. 18 700.–

172 × 236 mm

Gruppe 207

Junior page maxi

Fr. 20 900.–

231 × 318 mm

Milimeter rate
Under advertorial content


All rates in Swiss Francs, gross, exc. 7.7% VAT

Add-on Digital

The Art Edition will also be spectacularly staged on All articles and image integrations will be integrated in the «Feuilleton» section and partly also on the homepage.

Branding page skin multi-device on

Version 1:
24 hours Multi Device on the homepage
Advertising value: Fr. 20 000.–
Production of promotional material: Fr. 890.–

Version 2:
1 week Multi Device in the «Feuilleton» channel on
Advertising value: Fr. 20 000.–
Production of promotional material: Fr. 890.–

NZZ Feuilleton newsletter

Native or picture ad for one week (Monday – Saturday) in our NZZ Feuilleton newsletter. The newsletter reaches 77 580 contacts every week in mailshots.

Price: Fr. 4 000.–

All rates in Swiss Francs, gross, exc. 7.7% VAT

Add-on Content

Take advantage of NZZ Content Creation expertise and benefit from our unique combined edition discount for the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» and

Sponsored content is prominently featured in on-line teasers for one week: Home page (24 hours), Business Click, Facebook paid post and newsletter bundle. We guarantee a total of 6 500 engagements.

Sponsored content on 17 June 2023 can only be booked exclusively for one partner and offers the opportunity to also position oneself in terms of content in the Art Edition environment.

Sponsored Content «Two in one»

1/1 page in the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» and sponsored content on for one week.

Content researched and created on behalf of the client by NZZ Content Creation; inc. proof-reading, exc. image material.

Package price: Fr. 35 875.–

All rates in Swiss Francs excluding 7.7% VAT. Combined edition discount for print and digital already included in the price. Further discounts subject to negotiation.

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