of the readers of the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» are investors.


The readership of the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» is extremely keen when it comes to investing money. This confirms an affinity of 277.


The people who read «Le Temps» are also interested in the stock market, investments and financial markets. The affinity is 141.


The readers of «Le Temps» are predominantly wealthy. This emphasises an affinity of 120 with an asset value of CHF 500 000.– to CHF 1 000 000.–.

Source: MACH Consumer 2023
Affinity = index for target group proximity. An index of 120 means that the proportion of the target group in the medium in question is 20% higher than in the population as a whole.


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Starting point

The Swiss Life Insurance Company Pax intends to familiarise its target groups with important topics in the area of pensions and thereby position itself as a trustworthy pension provider. As a sponsor of the NZZ Live event series «Investment Live Vorsorge», Pax benefits from high visibility in the NZZ environment and the strong credibility of the format. Thanks to Pax, the NZZ has been offering participation in events on current topics in the field of pensions twice a year since 2020.

Methods employed

  • Cross-media advertising incl. partner presence at the event
    • Advertisements in the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» and «NZZ am Sonntag»
    • Multi-device banner on nzz.ch
    • Briefing newsletter with ad integration
    • NZZ-LinkedIn event, NZZ-Facebook event
  • Promotion on NZZ social media channels¹
  • On-site presence during and around the event
  • Live streaming for an unrestricted number of viewers and a video recording
  • The option of offering an aperitif to all participants after the event
  • Subsequent coverage of the event on nzz.ch
  • A miniclip of the event as «Reel and Story» on NZZ’s Instagram channel with partner integration¹
¹The thematic design of the event, the panellists and social media posts are at the discretion of the editorial team.


1.3 Mio.

gross contacts

80 000

views on the
Instagram channel

> 130

in the event



«Our collaboration with NZZ Live was a real benefit to us as a pension-provider. The use of this platform enabled us to highlight some important and up-to-the-minute subjects relating to pensions from many different perspectives and enhance the understanding of our company among clients and our target group. Thanks to the convincing presentation of what we offer, we were able to position ourselves as a reliable pension-provider.»

Heidi Reimold
Sponsoring & Events, Pax


Andrew Schuster

International Sales Manager
+41 44 258 12 63

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