Podcast sponsorship

NZZ Akzent

Reach around 400 000 downloads per month

For a year now, our podcast «NZZ Akzent» has been published daily from Monday to Friday. With our audio offering, we provide a contemporary and compact format for a young audience aged 20 to 40. The product has successfully established itself in the market and now reaches over 400 000 downloads per month.

We offer advertising customers partner integration in the form of weekly or monthly bookable slots for pre- and mid-roll within «NZZ Akzent». The gross sponsorship price is Fr. 7 500 per week or Fr. 25 000 per month (excl. 7.7% VAT).

Pre-roll and mid-roll

  • Pre-roll: Placement before the actual podcast, 15 to 20 words, wording: «This podcast is brought to you by…».
  • Mid-roll: Placement after the first third, 40 to 60 words (maximum 20 seconds), wording: at the advertiser’s option.
  • Remarks: A new audio message must be recorded at least every two weeks; lead time 14 days.

On offer for

NZZ Akzent


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