Readers of the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» often work at the top management level. The affinity is 252.


of users of the service-orientated business portal kmutoday.ch work in an SME. 


is the proportion of managers in the «NZZ am Sonntag», which corresponds to 86 000 people.


The readership of «Le Temps» has a high monthly household income. For incomes over CHF 15 000.–, the affinity is a high 220.

Source: MACH Consumer 2023 / MACH BASIC 2023-2 and database KMU_today
Affinity = index for target group proximity. An index of 120 means that the proportion of the target group in the medium in question is 20% higher than in the population as a whole.


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Starting point

SwissShrimp wanted to take the next step in its development in February 2022, completing the start-up phase and moving into a grow-up phase, which was associated with an increase in the share capital. With credibility in mind they decided to adopt a sponsored content approach with NZZone to draw the attention of an affluent target group to the project.

Methods employed

  • Whole page sponsored content in «NZZ am Sonntag»
  • Sponsored content on kmutoday.ch and
    • Story placement: 24 hours in top position on the website and in the appropriate section
    • Advertisements in the KMU_today Newsletter sent to 261 000 recipients
    • LinkedIn post on kmutoday.ch
    • Publicity in the NZZ newsletter bundle to around 702 000 recipients
    • Advertising via native ads on nzz.ch


> 3 800

article views
on kmutoday.ch

330 000

readers in the
«NZZ am Sonntag»

> 1 Mio.

total value in CHF
of shares subscribed to



«The sponsored content option was ideal for publicising our share capital increase. By outsourcing the entire concept (image, text and layout) to a journalist from NZZ Content Creation, the result was an article that was relevant, authentic and informative, all at the same time. Thanks to this publication, we were able to place shares with a total value of over one million Swiss francs with Swiss retail investors.»

Rafael Waber
CEO and Marketing Director, SwissShrimp AG


Andrew Schuster

International Sales Manager
+41 44 258 12 63

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